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July 2002 to present, alongside self-employed work periods and during breaks from university -- Various temporary contracts

Took every opportunity to broaden experience in many different industries, with temporary contracts in construction, agriculture especially during the harvest, and retail especially during the Christmas period.

As well as supplementing a self-employed income, these gave an extraordinary variety of experience and understanding of industry and commerce.

Such work usually resulted in further IT work as well. For example, as a site-engineer's labourer I also programmed his graphical calculator to take care of challenging trigonometric problems, granting him the same functionality that is built into newer EDM equipment but without requiring him to upgrade (and therefore relearn) that equipment. Spent some time each week in-office, at the civil engineering firm that hired us, where I provided them with a company website.

During summer work on a farm, provided technical support for the business's email, and training for the Thunderbird email client, as well as performance optimisation of the business's computer, again preventing the need for an expensive upgrade.

Education and Qualifications

Barton Peveril College, 4 A-Levels:
Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry

Swanmore Secondary School, 11 GCSEs

Additional Information

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